CMC Markets Review

Score: 8.8 ⭐️

4/18/20232 min read

CMC Markets’ proprietary Next Generation trading platform is packed with quality research and innovative trading tools.

CMC Markets pros & cons


  • Founded in 1989, CMC Markets is publicly traded and regulated in five major regulatoty bodies

  • CMC Marketshas lower trading costs compared to the industry.

  • Competitive pricing is available for active traders – though the availability of discounts and rebate programs will depend on your country of residence..

  • CMC Markets’ Next Generation platform features a massive selection of over 12,000 tradeable assets.

  • CMC Markets delivers a terrific user experience, as well as advanced tools, comprehensive market research, and an excellent mobile app.

  • CMC Markets’ Invest app is available in Australia for exchange-traded equities.

  • Launched in 2021, CMC Markets’ Dynamic Trading product for professional clients allows for the fine tuning of allocations.


  • CMC Markets’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) offering has fewer tradeable assets.

  • Though educational content at CMC Markets is robust, it lacks progress tracking, quizzes and interactive content.

  • CMC TV - its output limited to weekly webinars

Offering of investments

CMC Markets offers over 12,000 CFDs, a large number of forex pairs, and access to international equity markets. CMC Markets also quotes its 158 currency pairs both ways (not just EUR/USD – but also the inverse USD/EUR quote). This unique feature doubles the number of CMC Markets’ available pairs – bringing the total up to 316.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency trading is available through CFDs.Crtpto CFD's not available in the UK.

Commissions & fees

CMC Markets consistently low spread offering, which is available for all customer segments and account types.

Average spreads: CMC Markets offers competitive pricing that ranks above the industry average, with typical spreads of 0.73 pips on the EUR/USD.

Active trader program: Two Trading Points can be earned for every standard lot traded, for example. In this scenario, an investor would need to trade 1,250 standard lots in a given month to trigger the 20% spread discount available.

Commission-based pricing: Rolled out in the Southeast Asia region, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.K., FX Active is available on both MT4 and Next Generation platforms.

It’s always important to examine the average spread – rather than the minimum spread – when comparing spreads and trading costs across different forex brokers.

Alpha rebates for shares trading: CMC Markets’ Alpha offering (only available in the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia) provides free access to services such as premium reports, market data.

Guaranteed Stop-Loss Order (GSLO): Like many of its peers, CMC Markets offers GSLOs. These orders guarantee the stop-loss order price will be honored, though – like with most brokers – there is a premium for using GSLOs. The extra cost is displayed in the trade ticket window, and CMC Markets refunds this cost automatically if the GSLO is not triggered