FxPro Review

Score: 9.0 ⭐️

5/2/20231 min read


  • Founded in 2006, FxPro is regulated by several regulators for trading forex and CFDs.

  • FxPro offers variable and fixed spreads.

  • FxPro offers MT4 use web trader and application trading.

  • FxPro provides fully-transparent execution of trades.


  • The pricing at FxPro isn't quite competitive enough to challenge industry leaders.

  • FxPro's proprietary platform, FxPro Edge, has established a good foundation for a new web-based platform.

  • FxPro does not have as many assets as other leading brands.

Commissions and fees

FxPro's pricing is higher than the industry average, putting it at a disadvantage compared to industry peers.

Execution method: On FxPro’s MT4 they offer traders variable or fixed spreads. For the variable-spread pricing, there are two types of execution-based pricing: instant and market. Instant execution is subject to no slippage, while market execution has the potential for slippage .

Commissions: FxPro’s most competitive spreads are available on its cTrader platform, which offers average of 1.27 pips on EUR/USD when taking into consideration the spread and commission charge.

Spreads: FxPro's floating-rate (variable spread) model is available on MT4 and MT5, featuring EUR/USD spreads of 1.58 pips for accounts on market execution (1.51 pips on MT5), and 1.71 pips for accounts with instant execution.

Fixed pricing: On MT5, only variable spreads are available.

Active traders: FxPro discount offers for VIP clients are not as attractive as other Brands offer.from.

Executing large orders: FX Pro is able to handle a large amount of Trades with minimal market price change. .