HFM (HF Markets) Review

Score: 8.5 ⭐️

5/2/20231 min read

Offers MT4 trading along with enhanced research tools. HF Markets has approx. 1,000 assets for trading along with 47 currency pairs.

HFM pros & cons


  • Good trading tools combined with good signals..

  • Uses AI for the enhanced signals.

  • Good research along with the AI capabilities.

  • A team that produces weekly Monthly and yearly predictions.

  • Correlation and sentiment data is available on HFM's Traders Board module.

  • The improved HFM app now supports trading of 1,200 markets.

  • The only Brand that offers up to 3% interest on unused funds in the account

  • They continue to work on improving their platform.

  • They offer insurance on funds deposited with them..


  • No web app for trading.

  • HFM's does not have the best educational tools..

  • Trading costs are slightly above the average.

  • HFM's copy trading platform, HFcopy, requires 300 EUR deposit .

  • small amount of indicators to be used.