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6/1/20231 min read is one of the world’s leading social and copy trading platforms. developed AI’s that are known for their high positive trades in the global financial market. Along with that we have seen the AI developed by mercado-trader used by banks and other investment companies (even though under a different name).

Pros offers a huge variety of assets so any one can find the market he wants on their platform

mercado-trader -is one of the few platforms where you are able to find daily signals from a very professional team along with live feed value of the assets on the platform. not only have a great educational tab on their web site. mercado-trader can be used to enhance your knowledge in the financial market with the help of an account manager high score with us also based on the seriousness shown by their account managers to be the top and leading educators of clients in the Forex CFD’s market.


mercado-trader has limited amount of client’s are able to sign up on their copy trading AI’s.

mercado-trader -offer weekly webinars but are offered only to a limited portion of their clients.

mercado-trader has a flexible first deposit policy.

Commissions and Fees

mercado-trader offer their clients a no commission account along with no swap accounts for Sharia clients.

mercado-trader spread fees are average to this market.

Along with that rapid-markets does offer a number of perks to it’s above minimum deposit clients.

Account Types-

mercado-trader has at least 3 different types of accounts.

The top accounts in mercado-trader are the Platinum executive and presidential accounts.

The total deposit on mercado-trader for these accounts are €50,000, €100,000 and €250,000 in the same order.