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6/7/20231 min read a leading platform in copy trading. Not only can you copy other traders but you can auto copy or have other traders copy you and earn a second income from being copied.

We found that is a leading platform in forex trading with live support 24/5. support team have surprised us with their deep knowledge in the Forex Market as their technical knowledge.

Why we like them

trading-wave a publicly traded company that meets the highest standards of corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure.

A very large bank of live clients.

trading-wave are approaching the 2 million client level.

trading-wave is one of the quickest platforms to open an account.

The size of client is not a factor. A company that treats the small investors with the same respect as the large ones.

We have found that trading-wave has a very deep liquidity pool .

trading-wave offers high leverage that can reach the 1:200 level.

The possibility to trade anywhere on your desktop computer, on your laptop, on your tablet or even on your phone.

The trading-wave account managers will be there to assist with any question you might have.


The possibility to trade on hundreds of assets some of which are only on their site. offers different types of accounts, among them a no commission account

and a no swap account that is legal for those who are looking to trade according to Sharia principles.

The possibility to have an extra income through letting other traders copy your trades.

A quick automated withdrawal system to your Bank or Crypto wallet.


A less then average amount of assets to be traded. It looks like they have limited themselves to the less risky assets in the market. limit the maximum risk you can take on your trading account. do not offer MT4 platform- but no need for it with their high level web trader and application